Hearing Aids

We can help you decide which hearing aid is the best for you, depending on your range of hearing loss. We have a wide range of makes, styles and colours that are functional, attractive and the most up to date technologies available.

Our hearing aids come with manufacturer's warranties that offer long term satisfaction and peace of mind along with your decision to purchase new hearing aids.

Hearing Aids typically come in 4 basic styles: 

1)  behind-the-ear (BTE)

2)  full shell in-the-ear  (ITE)

3)  in the canal (ITC)

4)  completely in-the-canal (CIC)




The appropriate style for a given patient is determined by:

  • The degree of hearing loss
  • The configuration of the hearing loss
  • The size and shape of the ear and ear canal
  • Patient preferences
  • Patient lifestyle
  • Desired hearing aid options
  • Patient dexterity

Our audiologist will discuss your options with you and help you determine the best style for your particular needs.

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